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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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happy new year to all of you. we would also like to welcome and congratulate the new commissioner murase. she has been essential to us. >> [speaking spanish] >> we would also like to congratulate and welcome the new president of the board, mendoza. to the new -- congratulations. >> [speaking spanish] >> we would also like to greet
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you and talk about the opportunities for work in the district. we know we are confronting a serious financial crisis, but we have opportunities to work with the parents. hall and the district. -- parents and the district. >> [speaking spanish] >> we will be working and have been working with some members of community organizations. we have been organizing an
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assembly that will take place next february 13. sorry, january 13. >> [speaking spanish] >> the goal of the assembly is to let the personal about the district, about the school district and the board of education. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> [unintelligible] >> [speaking spanish] >> and also, the pac is participating on the new ones that have been formed. hon sorry. -- i'm sorry. we are working with the team that is working with the council. >> [speaking spanish] >> on saturday, february 12, of the parents that would like to participate are invited
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to participate in the summit. >> [speaking spanish] >> the members have worked with supporting this group and helping them organize and supporting them. >> [speaking spanish] >> we want to ask the parents to participate and encourage them to participate in the school site meeting that will take place on february 12.
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>> [speaking spanish] >> we also would like to appreciate the fact that the school district has a women's center. mostly they are in low income neighborhoods. families can register and get involved during the school year. >> we wanted to mention our appreciation for the mobile in roman center. it is a great way to reach out and make it easier for phyllis
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to enroll. that is great. i want to give -- for families to enroll. that is great. i want to give a report. we gave one to the ad hoc committee on student assignments about a month ago, which was last year. it seems about that long ago. if people have questions, i am happy to answer them. but we wanted to just let you know kind of the progress we have made in working with district staff and community groups to start planning community forums. we are going to share plans and proposals to create pathways, but also to focus on what we think are the basic questions. how do we support students? how we support student achievement and success in those critical years the middle school? looking at the data we were just given about the bill school
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students feeling unsafe in school, those issues are important to address. we have been in the process of meeting with many district staff and community folks to ask them to help us shape the presentation and discussion questions we want to have in the forum, especially because we are looking at having a small group discussions that can be interactive about school climate, when would pathways that address esl students learning english, and students in school immersion programs. we want to look at those practices as part of the school climate in changes to special education class is and how that will roll out for middle school. we want to talk with everyone involved to help us should discussion at the forum. there was an update meeting last friday and we had a lot of great discussions about what we are
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going to try to get the answer to when we are out in the forum. . we are still looking at having the it february stick -- coming into place in march, which is very soon. we feel we are close to where we were a year ago in terms of having a trip to plan high- quality discussions. the point is that the things we hear and learn from parents are informative and useful to you as you are making some of these hard decisions. we are already hearing questions about things like apart and how it is good to work with limited resources. what are the tradeoffs going to be? those are questions we need to bring to the community so their answers help you make your decisions, which i know are not going to be easy. one thing that has really been clear is that we want to talk with middle school principals to
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get not just their input, but to work for them to make sure the information will also serve the needs of the school leader and community -- the professional learning community, as they develop conversations at their schools. we do not just want to have our conversation. it is in part because the have a lot of demands on them and a lot of burning issues. none of the really big questions we heard from parents, from staff, from community advocates, is "what are the board's priorities, and what are the district's?" it was really helpful for us last year when we had community meetings about student assignment to be very clear about what your priorities are. the sick, "here are the priorities -- we can say, "here
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are the priorities." we look forward to having those but to define the questions we would get from the community. we hope to bring you or get to you by the end of this month tentative dates for the forum as we set them up at the school sites. we are also anticipating going to some community groups and elementary schools to offer them a chance to have this conversation, where we feel community members may not go to a forum at the school where they do not have a connection, elementary school families who do not believe that is something they are a part of. we are trying to think strategically about how to take that to the community. >> figure. -- thank you. commissioner wynns: thank you very much.
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based on our discussion at the ad hoc student assignment committee, i really appreciate what you are doing and looking forward to hearing what is assigned. what you just described to me sounds fascinating. i am particularly interested in, maybe to the committee, but maybe the board would be interested, if you are keeping a list of the questions that are raised that may or may not get into the process. i appreciate the work you are doing to distill this and have a workable process. there are meetings you're going to have and any other opportunities for people to respond. but not all of those will. i think it might be valuable to us to get a report of this process, if we could. i am not asking for something exhaustive or voluminous the records everything everybody said. but what it sounded like to meet
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when you said questions were being raised -- i think i would be really interested in knowing what they are, whether or not they find their way into the final product or the final process. if that is not too difficult, just as part of the reporting you do, i would be interested in that. thank you. vice president mendoza: any other comments? commissioner murase: commissioner wynns and i were at the last community meeting. i would like to congratulate them for being a good place for meeting for parents. a wanted to speak to the presenter about his affiliations with the school. >> [speaking spanish]
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commissioner maufas: finally, there is a decision about the school year and what to do with furlough days. we are interested in getting as much feedback as possible. >> mr. ruiz did approach me to tell me more about the feedback. he gave a short presentation in our last meeting. it is all about deadline and when you need that as to whether he can have a fall -- full pack or give notes on what we talked about a little bit. i am trying to clarify that. mostly, we have questions. we did not come to, a position on a certain proposal. we have questions and things we hope people will consider as the decision is made.
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president kim: any other comments or questions? thank you very much. the next item is public comment on consent items. members from the public can address items in discussion. the superintendent or members of the board and several items for discussion. i only have one card for this for public comment. ms. flax is on the charter school. did you have a comment on this as well? >> on consent items, i ask you to look at pages 1143118, items 112 through -- 114 through 118,
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items 112 to 115. all of those are services for the center for children and families. all of those are from the same funding source. and yet there are four or five pages of different ones. the question i had is why you have a variety of different, instead of having one simple resolution for all of the schools involved, why you would have that many for that many different places. the second item is page 122, k16, in which to talk about restorative justice and hiring a consultant who will develop software for web-based tools collecting specified discipline and restorative practices data.
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the question is what kind of data you are looking for, what kind of measures of the store to justice will be digitized -- of restorative justice will be digitized for this. the consultant is to provide professional development and support. the question is for whom is that support being presented, and how much of that kind of professional development there will be. i would be remiss if i did not say congratulations, president mendoza. i believe this is the second time i have gotten to say congratulations, vice-president yee. >> k16 is being withdrawn. i need a motion and a second on
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the consent calendar. any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> congratulations to president mendoza and vice president yee. we are going to withdraw items on page hundred 122 and 140-143. we also have a correction on page 102. the description of the services should be changed to the following. the selection process should be changed to the following. bacr have successfully provided services for the past year-and-
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a-half. president mendoza: and the items covered by the board for discussion tonight? commissioner norton: i want to sever the kalw item, and i wanted to request if we could discuss this item in conjunction with the klw report we are going to get later. i do not know if we can hold up voting on it will be go to the consent calendar and then the vote on it with items for discussion. commissioner wynns: 71. -- same one. >> item h is the superintendent proposals. there are nine tonight. --none tonight. item i, the same. item j is public comment on
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general matters. if your name is called, please come forward to the microphone and press the red button. state your name and you can begin speaking. you will be given two minutes. nicholas higgins, reverend townsend, cheryl davis, julien davis, yvonne johnson miller, karen bishops, jeff komenski, edward purcheck, and then linda is with them. that is all i have. please come forward and go ahead and press the button. if you could stick your name -- there are others. two minutes to speak. hold on one second, mrs. davis.
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i also have a warrant foster, ken daschle, and eva cisneros. >> good evening. i doubt it has been said before. congratulations to commissioners mendoza, molpus -- maufas and murase. i am here about a student at galileo and in general about the 20 seniors who have been displaced with the amnesty program. i am concerned not just about the seniors, but about all the students. to begin your last year and be displaced is problematic. for me, with jameesha, who works with me in the western edition and is on the honor roll and it is a really great student, in a
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neighborhood where we are trying to encourage students to go to school, if you have a student who is active in school, doing well in school, viewed as a good student, to have been penalized for doing the right thing -- it is going to be really hard to encourage students to go to school. she went to school. she followed the right road. she still got in trouble. a relieving the process for how this is being handled is not adequate. -- i really think the process for how this is being handled is not adequate. she has been out of school since school resumed in january. it is not getting easier. this is a student who was preparing to go to college. i am really worried about how this lack of being enrolled in school is pointed impacter in the future. the think the process and to be looked at. i would really like to see her in school tomorrow.
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>> my name is jameesha. i attended galileo. i am trying to get back in school. i have a 3.75 in school. i am applying for colleges. i already applied for howard university. i really want to be back in school. it is really a drag being out of school. i am going to have to make up those days. it is just hard. thank you anyway. >> my name is nicole. i am her mom. i am not only here to speak for her, but on behalf of the other 19 students. like they said, jameesha is a very good student. i grew up in the community. i worked in the community. i graduated from galileo with a 3.5 gpa as well. i really need to get my baby
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back in school. she hasn't missed a lot of school. that can hinder from going to the next level. there is another student would like to speak for a little bit. he also attends galileo and was taking a pee classes. because he had to transfer to a different school, he is unable to continue because they do not offer ap classes. this is taking a huge impact on how this is affecting these kids. please help me and assist me. please get my daughter back in school. >> i am here representing the san francisco naacp. our president, reverend brown is unavailable tonight. ms. mendoza, congratulations on your election to office. i just want to say about your concern with the students -- for
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her to have a different address i think we need to understand that in the 21st century, especially for those living in challenge communities, the nuclear family model does not necessarily fit. i think the district is having a problem understanding the nature of the blended families we have in the school district these days. she stays with her grandmother because her grandfather needs for help, yet her mother is still responsible for her hand in charge. i think it is absolutely essential that we begin to understand that there is something else going on now with our families, and you are not going to see the perfect nuclear models that your rules may have been designed for. finally, let me say this. rules are important.
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i understand that. but if you adhere to closely to the rules, and without picking up the phone and having a parent come in and say what is going on, your rules -- you end up becoming more taskmaster and the new art teacher. our job and responsibility is to teach them, not just control them. i think it is important that we take another look not just that the situation, but how you do things in the future. you are not going to find perfect families where everyone lives in the same house. thank you so much. i appreciate your time. >> mining is julien davis, president over at the booker t. washington community center. i wanted to congratulate conditioner -- commissioner
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maufas. i want to request that you do something about the situation with tameesha and other seniors being dismissed in the middle of their school year as a result of the amnesty program. the overriding consideration of disrupting students in the middle of their school year, especially high school, where the year long experience goes to a college experience, where you think about things in terms of semesters -- the seniors especially. for jameesha, her final year in school, it seems unfair to cut that off and separate her from her school community with just a few months left to go.
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i know it is in your power to issue a directive, something of that sort. hopefully, tonight that would allow you to address at least the problem with the seniors, but i think with the other age students as well. it has always been an issue. i would like you to look, if you can, more broadly. i would echo some of the thoughts reverend townsend have -- had about nontraditional family structures. as well thought out policy in one respect what of problems in another respect -- i do not have the power to change it, but i hope you exercise it. president kim: thank you. -- president mendoza: thank you. >> my name is london breed. i am the executive director of the african american culture context. jameesha's mother works at our
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context -- are complex. she contacted me prior to relocating to san francisco, explaining she needed to come home to take care of her grandmother. unfortunately, her grandmother lives in a two-bedroom place and there is not enough room for her and her other three children. she decided to move to vallejo. her doctor decided she was not going to leave her grandmother. -- her daughter decided she was not going to leave her grandmother. i invite anyone to come to her house and see it is clear that this is where she stays. what her mom did as her legal guardian was to change the address, which was appropriate, because that is her legal guardian. i do think there needs to be able to but more involvement from the school district to come to the homes of some of these children to find out what is going on, whether it be a truant student or a student in this case, to find out where they are living and what is
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happening and not just create policy and implement those policies without understanding the dynamics of these families. in our community, we have always lived this way. i grew up with my grandmother as my garden. we had people cost of living with us. one of the things my grandmother would say, even though she was not the guardian of these children, was that if you live here you are going to go to school. whatever she could do to get these kids in school, she would do it. i want this particular body to take another look and possibly pass a resolution that would allow for at least the seniors to continue, but also take a deeper look at the policy as a whole and figure out a way in which this can work for kids and kids are not removed in the middle of their school years and turned off completely by the education system. thank you.